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    2014 Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook

      Karl Roberts, Michael Weyrich, David Simon
     Apr 2, 2014

    This is electronic presentation about Semiconductor industry global outlook for 2014 and Reviving Growth and Rebuilding Market Value. Despite its heft and reach, the global semiconductor industry has struggled in the years following the 2010 industry-wide rebound, according to AlixPartners’ 2014 Global Semiconductor Industry Outlook.1 Heading into the new year, companies throughout the industry continue to grapple with several challenges, including soft macroeconomic market environments in key geographies, intense competition, pricing pressure, and short and costly product life cycles. That confluence of forces has led to weak revenues (global growth of just 0.7% in the 12-month period ending in the third quarter of 2013) and earnings before interest, taxes,depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) margin growth. (EBITDA grew just 8.9% during that same time frame.) Overall numbers for the global semiconductor industry’s performance paint a potentially troubling picture, even for the giants currently doing well. It’s clear that no company—regardless of tier or sub-sector—can afford to ignore the pressures inhibiting revenue growth and EBITDA margins. Smart strategies, swiftly applied, could spell the difference between succeeding in tomorrow’s industry landscape versus merely surviving. Whether such change efforts aim to boost profitability at the customer and product/service level, control costs, or gain competitive advantage through savvy mergers and acquisitions, the actions that companies take now will determine which ones will pull ahead in the next few years and which ones will fall even farther behind.

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