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    2019 Semiconductor Mask Maker's Survey ... a conversation with Aki Fujimura of the eBeam Initiative

     Aki Fujimura     eBeam Initiative
      4139      Nov 1, 2019
    Aki Fujimura is back to talk about what the e-beam initiative found in this year’s semiconductor mask making survey. Every year, the e-beam initiative runs two surveys of mask makers: one collects statistics and the other perceptions from industry luminaries about where the industry and mask technology are going. We have a conversation about what they found this year with Aki Fujimura, who is CEO of D2S and the managing company sponsor of the eBeam Initiative.
    The eBeam Initiative 2019 Perceptions survey and Mask Maker’s survey are both available for download at the eBeam Initiative website at www.ebeam.org
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