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    3-Axis Consumer Gyroscope Market

     Dec 12, 2012

    3-Axis Consumer Gyroscope Market - Market multiplied by 4 in six years, more than 25 new competitors, strong technical challenges for combo integration. The scope of this report covers: 3-axis gyroscopes and 3-axis gyro-based combos (6DOF IMUs + 9 DOF combos) All types of consumer applications, Mobile phones, Tablets. NB: Basic e-reader not taken into account since they do not integrate motion sensors, Gaming, DSC, Laptops, Emerging applications using consumer-grade.

    Important Tags: Axis, gyroscope, market, consumer, 6DOF IMUs, 9 DOF combos, applications, mobile phones, tablets
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    Domain: Electronics
    Category: Semiconductors

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