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    3D-IC Beyond Smartphones

     Jul 20, 2015

    TERADYNE BUSINESS- Semiconductor Test: System-On-Chip (SOC) Test: Leading wireless, mixed signal, microcontroller and performance analog test systems, Largest installed base with over 11,000 systems installed at IDM and OSAT customers. Memory Test- Highest Throughput Flash and High Speed DRAM Solutions: Wireless Products- Unique tester architecture focused on production test of mobile devices, Products deliver highest throughput and shortest time to market, Serves ~$1B wireless production test market. Systems Test Group Defense & Aerospace Board Test: Defacto standard for DoD digital test, Storage Test: Industry’s most productive 2.5” HDD Systems Commercial Board Test, Patented low voltage test technology delivers highest yield in-circuit board test. SMARTPHONES ARE THE DRIVER...FOR NOW: Smartphones have dominated semiconductor and packaging- technology for the last decade. Smartphone and 3D-IC and TSV technologies have not aligned: Smartphone size is driven by the screen size (3D-IC makes things smaller), Smartphones need huge power hungry processors,(Thermal challenges make 3D-IC harder), Smartphones need huge amounts of memory and memory bandwidth (LP-DDR capabilities have surged ahead of WideIO), Beyond 2016 smartphones growth slows down, A variety of connected products drive the growth of the semiconductor industry after 2016, Small connected devices especially wearables need 3D-IC : technology to be truly successful- Wearables need to be incredibly small and light, Wearables need to be very power efficient because of limited battery size Wearables have more specific applications Wearables need to integrate a lot of different semiconductor technologies, Test strategy for 3D-IC must align with the types of devices that will use the technology TECHNOLOGY WAVES Mobile Phone growth has levelled off, Smart Phone grow will level off after 2016, Tablets will overtake PCs in 2014.

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