Semiconductor Equipment Market Share Database Uploads - 2Q19

    Semiconductor Equipment Sales fell 7% sequentially in 2Q19, marking the fourth consecutive quarter of decline. Service & Support sales bucked the trend, jumping 3% in 2Q19 to help offset some of the decline in Semiconductor System sales. Despite a 90% surge in EUV sales, WFE recorded the biggest drop among major segments with sales falling 10%. Test and Related sales declined 4%. Within Test SOC Test sales remained red hot in 2Q19, buoyed in part by the 5G infrastructure buildup. Assembly sales fell 5%, slipping to the lowest level in nearly four years. But there were some bright spots. Adv Die Placement Equipment sales surged 22% while Wedge Bonders jumped 7%.

    Equipment Database Module

         -  Equipment Total

         -  Microlithography

         -  CMP & Ion Implant

         -  Process Diagnostics

         -  Deposition

         -  Etch & Clean

         -  Other Wafer Fab Equipment

         -  Test

         -  Material Handling

         -  Assembly