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    A decade of EUV resist outgas testing – Lessons learned

      C. Tarrio, S. B. Hill, R. F. Berg, T. B. Lucatorto
     Nov 6, 2014

    Potential systematic effects in CG measurement: Chamber geometry:Chamber shape, size, and pumping speed certainl affect carbon growth. This is included in the site scale factor, but could be resist dependent.in a limited set of resists we've demonstrated that CG is inversely proportional to pumping speed but again, this could be resist- dependent. Ambiguity in interpre2ng SE measurements: Although different laboratories use different method those should all normalize out. Thickness profile in different laboratories was consistent - degree of satura2on, etc.Temperature: NIST climate control was not able to keep up with some VERY cold weather. We found a large effect of temprature on some resists and corrected data for this effect. This may add uncertainty in the scale factor between laboratories that is temperature/resist dependent. Interpre2ng E0measurements (esp in e-­‐beam systems): Large dependence on dose has been observed in one resist. This is inconsistent with previous measurements.

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