VLSIresearch is a privately owned company and is not related to any other company or product with the name ‘VLSI’. Its owners participate in the day-to-day operations of the company. The executive members at VLSIresearch consist of a thoroughly qualified and well-seasoned team. Collectively, they bring more than 100 years of direct industry experience to bear upon industry issues.

    G. Dan Hutcheson

    G. Dan Hutcheson

    Dan is CEO and Chairman of VLSIresearch inc. With over 40 years of experience, he is a recognized authority on the semiconductor industry, winning SEMI's Sales and Marketing Excellence Award1 in 2012 for "empowering executives with tremendous strategic and tactical marketing value" through his e-letter,

    The Chip Insider® his book Maxims of Hi-Tech, and his many interviews of executives.

    He is thought of as "the marketing voice and expert for the industry." "Dan has methodically captured the essence of the industry and produced it in such a way for all to benefit ... He has been such an integral part of the industry for so long, it is difficult to imagine the industry without his contributions."

    His consulting work has included hundreds of successful programs involving product development, launch, and positioning. Dan has a proven track record of developing economic models that accurately predict trends. He is widely known for the forecasting of strategic infrastructure shifts. This includes his early-eighties development of the first factory cost-of-ownership models, multiple wafer size and lithography transitions, the rise of the fabless/foundry model to counter escalating fab costs, the shift of the DRAM memory market from the United States to Japan in the 1980s, then its shifting again to Korea in the 1990s, as well as the driving forces behind the rise of Flash Memory.

    Dan's public work on the industry has often focused on challenging predictions of the demise of Moore's Law that date back decades by demonstrating how doomsayers have been outpaced by emergent behavior through the innate ability of technologists to innovate. This has included invited articles for Scientific American, the SIA, and the Plenary at the SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference. He has also been the keynote or invited speaker at dozens of conferences. His pro bono work has included serving as an advisor on innovation to the White House Council of Economic Advisors, teaching invited courses at Stanford University, and serving on the Board of Advisors to the Extension School at UC Berkeley. Dan holds two patents and a Master's degree in Economics from San Jose State University. He is a senior member of the IEEE.


    1 Formerly SEMI's Bob Graham Award

    Lisa M. Steele

    Lisa M. Steele

    As Vice President, Administration, Lisa Steele is responsible for client services, finance, human resources, and administrative services. Previous to her current role at VLSI Research, Ms. Steele was responsible for directing the research and marketing communications effort surrounding the VLSI Research Customer Satisfaction Report on Chip Making Equipment.

    Ms. Steele's career experience spans more than twenty years. During her career she has managed capital equipment committees for the medical services industry, establishing acquisition priorities using weighted analytical methods. In addition, she has forecasted new business ventures; analyzed the impact of pricing strategies on profitability; performed competitive analyses; and has led a financial software conversion team. Ms. Steele earned a Master of Business Administration from the College of Notre Dame. She received an undergraduate degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California, Davis.

    Andrea Lati

    Andrea Lati

    Andrea Lati is the Vice President, Market Research at VLSI Research Inc. Since joining VLSI Research in 2001, Andrea has been focusing on managing and developing forecasting models as well as performing market analysis and research on electronics, semiconductor, and equipment markets....

    In addition, Andrea has performed many custom studies for various clients and is a co-author of The Chip Insider®. He earned his bachelor's degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of California Santa Barbara.

    Kazunori Hayashi

    Mr. Kazunori Hayashi, Managing Director, Japan Affiliate Office

    Kazunori (Kaz) Hayashi is founder, president, and principal analyst of Technology Partners Inc (TPI). TPI represents VLSI Research Inc in Japan. Mr. Hayashi has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, specializing in ...

    the semiconductor equipment market.Prior to founding TPI, he spent ten years at Gartner/Dataquest Japan’s Marketing and Consulting Division as Director of the Semiconductor Group. Before that, he co-founded and directed the Semiconductor Analysis Service at Techno System Research. Mr. Hayashi holds a Bachelor degree from Meiji University in Japan.


    Leo Yi, Managing Director, China Mainland Affiliate Office

    Risto Puhakka

    Risto Puhakka

    Risto Puhakka is President of VLSIresearch, leading the company’s commercial operations and market research activities. He is an expert in Semiconductor Capital Equipment markets as well as Semiconductor Manufacturing. Risto has advised companies, investors, and agencies in the United States, Europe, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan.

    As an experienced market researcher and analyst, his work draws from VLSI’s global network to provide market intelligence for companies engaged in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain.  

    Risto advises managers, boards, and investors about semiconductor market trends and strategic industry statistics. He is a regularly invited speaker at conferences about various topics in semiconductor manufacturing and equipment markets. At VLSIresearch, Risto works on numerous client projects in a variety of semiconductor manufacturing segments. Projects include:

    Advanced Packaging markets and demand

    TSMC wafer cost

    Failure Analysis Equipment Market analysis

    Silicon Demand Outlook

    Analog, MEMS, Power Transistor IC manufacturing equipment market

    Mask supply analysis and mask manufacturing equipment markets; Global view of the mask supply and demand

    IC manufacturing related customer satisfaction survey programs

    Due diligence advisories to strategic or private equity investors

    Numerous individual equipment market assessments and customer analyses

    Financial performance benchmarking for equipment and semiconductor suppliers

    Risto is a graduate of Helsinki University of Technology (MSc) and UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business (MBA).When Risto is not working he cherishes time with his family, runs very long distances, and is occasionally spotted flying model airplanes.

    Manjesh Singh

    Manjesh Singh

    Dr. Singh has spent the past 20 years in Information Technology (IT) focused on advanced Internet technology development. He currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for VLSIresearch and is responsible for leading the company’s technology development pipelines, driving company engineering initiatives and collaboration, and overseeing VLSIresearch’s IT organization.

    This includes directing all code development and SEO for multiple web sites. Manjesh is a visionary and goal-oriented IT Senior Executive with a proven track record of doing more with less. This is evidenced by his taking VLSIresearch’s core Internet technology through multiple generations; being an early adopter of open source, to replace VLSIresearch’s expensive proprietary systems; and setting up VLSIresearch’s offshore development center in India. His passionate focus on executing technology innovation has kept VLSIresearch on the cutting edge, well ahead of organizations with far larger resources.

    Under Manjesh’s leadership, VLSIresearch has expanded from the early infancy of the Internet through web 2.0, while developing multiple websites. It also developed a complete client service portal using open source code. Manjesh was also critically responsible for taking VLSIresearch’s internationally known Customer Satisfaction Survey from paper to a multi-language internet version with a complete analytical backend for automated data collection, analysis, and publication.

    Prior to joining VLSIresearch Manjesh was Senior Director of Operations at New Moon where he Managed IT, Client Services, Technical Support, Pre-Sales, Professional Services, and QA Groups. The technology his team developed there was sold to Tarantella, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems and eventually sold to Google in 2005. Manjesh holds PhD and Master’s degrees in Physics from Bhopal University, India.

    John West

    John West, Managing Director, VLSI Research Europe

    John joined VLSI in 2000 and is responsible for supporting all of VLSI Research’s European activities. In addition, he developed the Critical Subsystems Market service in 2001 and the PV Equipment Market service in 2005. He is the author of numerous proprietary market research reports.

    He was awarded an MBA from Cranfield University and has a degree in Medical Physics from the University of London.

    Young Soo (YS) Im

    Young Soo (YS) Im , Managing Director, Korea Affiliate Office

    Mr. Im is the CEO of IH Corporation Inc. IH Corporation represents VLSI Research Inc in Korea. Mr. Im has over 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, specializing in the semiconductor equipment market.Prior to founding IH Corporation, held executive positions at 3 Trust Korea Co., ...

    Ltd., KLA-Tencor Korea, Applied Materials Korea, and Philips Signetics Korea. Mr. Im holds a Bachelor of Electronics degree from Seoul National University of Technical and a Master’s in Management Information Systems from the Chung Buk National University.


    Theo Kuo, Managing Director, Taiwan Affiliate Office



    VLSIresearch’s founder, Jerry Hutcheson, received SEMI’s coveted Bob Graham Award for pioneering and developing the semiconductor equipment industry’s first databases. These became a critical mainstay of decision making for industry leaders.


    G. Dan Hutcheson received SEMI’s coveted Bob Graham Award for outstanding contributions in marketing. His email newsletter, The Chip Insider®, contains a mix of industry insider facts, forecasts, market opportunities and threats, as well as industry debates among recipients. His book, Maxims of Tech, chronicles how our Industry’s leaders have innovated — providing key business lessons. Together, his activities empower executives with strategic and tactical marketing value.


    Since the early eighties VLSIresearch has been the only market research firm to consistently gauge the direction of growth. The company has always driven to deliver data and services with the most advanced methods, such as the internet and dynamic databases. Its innovations include being the first to use demand-based forecasting; the first to model semiconductor inventories in forecasts; the first to use cost-of-ownership models for evaluating equipment; the first to perform customer satisfaction surveys; the first semiconductor industry research firm to apply capacity and inventory models in forecasting; the first to use pricing data to capture supply demand imbalances.

    VLSIresearch's significant market research results, innovations and early predictions include the following highlights:

    • 2020
      • Heterogeneous Integration Density Trends and Economics, Why It May be Cheaper
      • The Threat of IT Power Consumption
      • Artificial Intelligence in Semiconductor Equipment
    • 2019
      • 200mm WFE sizing by segment
      • Worldwide Semiconductor Capacity Database
      • The End of Moore's Law: Why it won't be the disaster so many fear
      • China's Semiconductor Equipment Industry Challenge
    • 2018
      • The BitCoin Mining IC Rush
      • Artificial Intelligence 901: Why the competition is so hot
      • What would it take for China to become a major IC manufacturing region
      • WFE by Customer Type
    • 2017
      • How Artificial Intelligence will drive silicon
      • Intel's Strategy: Just One Word ’ "Data"
      • Advanced Packaging WFE Market
    • 2016
      • How Emergent Markets Drive Demand
      • Hierarchy of Markets and Technologies
      • VLSI celebrates its 40th Anniversary
    • 2015
      • On-Demand Response Tracking of Customer Satisfaction surveys
      • Failure Analysis Equipment Market Analysis
      • Advanced Packaging Demand
      • The Market Value Created by Moore’s Law
    • 2014
      • Market Scenarios for Slowing Moore’s Law
      • How Japan’s Best Companies Prevailed over the Lost Decades
      • TSMC’s wafer cost analysis
    • 2013
      • Demonstrated end-market value of metrology
      • First to identify mobile device price deterioration
      • Demonstrated that Moore’s Law and semiconductor innovation was emergent
      • 3DNAND impact on lithography demand assessed
    • 2012
      • Semiconductor Week introduced to provide the industry a snapshot of VLSresearch’s weekly research activities
    • 2011
      • Launch of Semiconductor Analytics with a weekly tracking of industry’s key performance indicators
    • 2010
      • Weekly pricing data on key electronics devices
    • 2009
      • Weekly IC sales tracking
      • Weekly Electronics Sales Activity Index
    • 2008
      • Nano Manufacturing equipment forecast that covered IC, FPD, PV Cell, HDD, MEMs and Optical Disc Manufacturing markets
    • 2007
      • Introduced weSRCH.com networking site for technologists
        - Sessions in Hi-Tech, Med-Tech, and Green Tech
      • Silicon demand by device type and line width
    • 2006
      • ‘Maxims -- The extreme sport of high technology business’ published
    • 2005
      • Predicts 15-20 year gestation for 450mm, rumors of CMOS’s death overstated and Hi-k to be the next big material innovation
    • 2004
      • Worldwide electronic sales on a monthly basis
      • Launch of The Chip History Center
    • 2003
      • Dynamic databases on the internet
      • The Chip Insider® videos of key executives
    • 2002
      • Weekly Graphics File covering all critical activities affecting semiconductor and equipment markets
      • Predicts 193nm immersion will rise to postpone EUV emergence
    • 2001
      • Critical Subsystems market research service
      • First work on 450mm wafers
      • Predicted EUV to win out over 4 alternative technologies
    • 2000
      • The offering of all of its services on the internet
      • First quarterly market share tracking of the semiconductor equipment industry
      • February prediction of 2001 crash, quarters ahead of anyone else
    • 1999
      • Use of weekly chip pricing as a driver for semiconductor demand forecast
      • Chip Price Performance Index
      • Predicted Dotcom crash
    • 1998
      • Monthly industry forecasts
      • The Weather Report for weekly regional order activity tracking
      • Predicted maskless lithography would not be a viable NGL and that Optical Exposure would be extended at least another 10 years
    • 1996
      • Demonstrated that the number of competitors in a market is a function of R&D
    • 1995
      • Defined standard terminology for cleaving BEOL and FEOL process flows
    • 1994
      • Predicted 10 year gestation for 300mm
    • 1993
      • Customers rate VLSIresearch the Top Market Research Company in Electronic Business’ Report Card on Market Researchers
      • The first to use chaos theory in business modeling
      • Predicts rapid emergence of CMP
    • 1992
      • The first to use neural networks for forecasting
    • 1991
      • First Cost of Ownership model for phase-shift lithography
    • 1990
      • System-value modeling to establish Emerging IC market potential
      • Predicted Mobility as the next wave of electronics after personal computing
    • 1988
      • Introduced 10 BEST Customer Satisfaction Surveys on Chip Making Industry
      • Cell-based market segmentation to track Emerging ICs
      • Predicted peak of Japan’s rise to dominance before the end of the decade
    • 1987
      • Portable research
    • 1984
      • Relational databases on the chip making industry
      • The first to model inventory and capacity effects in forecasts
    • 1983
      • The application of desktop publishing
      • Systematically updated demand driving forces, such as data on silicon wafers by device type, line width and devices by package type
    • 1981
      • The first to forecast the semiconductor industry downturn
      • First quarterly forecasts of the semiconductor supply chain
      • Proves affordability of rapidly increasing wafer fab costs
      • Private Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • 1980
      • The first Cost-of-Ownership models for evaluating equipment
        - Used to predict Stepper’s defeat of Projection and e-Beam lithography
      • The first subscription full service market-research on semiconductor equipment
    • 1979
      • Demand-based forecasting with a fully tiered model of the economy, electronics, semiconductors, and equipment
      • First subscription service on Semiconductor Manufacturing