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    ZEISS Crossbeam Laser FIB-SEM
    for rapid failure analysis from transistors to packages


    ZEISS introduces the new ZEISS Crossbeam laser FIB-SEM, a site-specific cross-section solution enabling faster package development and failure analysis.

    Combined in the Crossbeam laser FIB-SEM is a femtosecond (fs)-laser for speed, Ga + beam for accuracy, and SEM for high resolution imaging to enable the fastest workflows. The isolated laser chamber prevents contamination of the electron column and detectors from ablated material, and sample integrity is promoted by avoiding exposure to atmosphere throughout the entire workflow.

    Benefits of the Crossbeam fs-LaserFIB

    Fastest access to site-specific buried features

    The Crossbeam laser removes one cubic millimeter of Si with minimal artifacts in 30 minutes, compared to the days it would take other commonly used approaches. Integration of the laser and FIB into a single system and streamlined workflows provide the fastest results and a single instrument queue to manage.

    Minimal to no artifacts and best specimen quality

    The Crossbeam laser workflow avoids mechanical polish artifacts such as delamination or cracks in fragile and stressed materials, while providing higher cross-section accuracy than mechanical cross sections or broad ion beam polishers.

    Image: Cu-pillar microbump images taken directly after fine polishing using the fs-laser.


    Highest imaging performance with ablation contaminants segregated

    The Crossbeam laser provides excellent imaging performance for high quality analysis of insulating and low-contrast materials. Laser ablation is segregated from the main chamber to maintain high vacuum and clean chamber conditions for high resolution and optimized imaging quality.

    Image: Backscattered electron (left) and secondary electron (right) images of Cu-pillar microbumps after Ga+-FIB polishing step.


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