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    ASM Pacific Technology secures its fifth triple crown

      Risto Puhakka
     Jul 8, 2021

    ASM Pacific Technology, the world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment, awarded 4 VLSI Stars with a solid 8.47. Earning its highest scores in partnering and field engineering support. Achieves RANKED 1st in Assembly Equipment for fifth year in a row. ASMPT delivers great value and ground-breaking solutions to customers through products and solutions with advanced technologies and elevated quality. 93% of customers said they will return to ASM Pacific Technology for their equipment needs a 4% increase from last year.

    Customers honor ASM Pacific Technology with an average rating of 8.7 in supplier performance. Highest scores: partnering, field engineering support, support after sales, commitment, trust in supplier, application support, and recommend supplier. ASM Pacific Technology receives comments from 82% of their respondents, a 12% increase from last year. 43% commented on ASM Pacific Technology’s excellent service and support with majority of these comments coming from China, Rest of the World, Taiwan, and Korea. 20% of them complimented ASMPT’s quick response time. 15% commented on strong product quality.

    World Leader in the Supply of Semiconductor Assembly & Packaging Equipment
    ASM Pacific Technology’s highest ratings are from Korea followed by China both earning a 9.0 and higher in 9 rating categories. Receives majority of surveys from China and Rest of the World. ASM Pacific Technology improves its average rating in North America and Taiwan. North America by 139 basis points, Taiwan by 30 basis points. Global presence in over 30 countries. Grows key business by leveraging its strong network, infrastructure, resources, and talents. Only company in the world to offer first-class equipment for all vital steps in the electronics manufacturing process from carrier for chip interconnection to chip assembly and packaging to SMT.

    ASMPT’s Semiconductor Solutions Segment Business offers an assorted product range bonding to molding and trim & form to the integration of these activities into complete in-line systems for these industries: Microelectronics, semiconductor, photonics, and optoelectronics. Significant R&D investments in advanced packaging technologies such as hybrid bonding.

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