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    Base Station On a Chip: QorIQ

      Ray Shor
     Mar 6, 2014

    This electronic presentation is overview of the QorlQ Base station chip by Roy Shor, In this persentation agenda are the base band market trends and requirements, QorIQ Qonverge B4860 block diagram overview, e6500 and SC3900 cores, Memory system and interconnect, CPRI, MAPLE B3, Data Path Architecture ( DPAA ), Power Management, These are needs for speed, quality and Qos, higher capacities and data rates, smartphone density, 32x increase per km2 by 2015, internet over mobile, 70% of mobile data by 2014. Macro base station challenges connectivity, capacity, cost. QorlQ Qonverge B4860 – Block diagram and benefits are Next generation, e6500 Dual-Thread Power Architecture® cores offer highest CoreMark/Watt with AltiVec technology for dramatic L2 scheduling acceleration, Next generation, SC3900-StarCoreTM provides 2x DSP performance compared to competitive offerings. 20GHz of Programmable Performance, Smart hardware acceleration for Layer 1, 2, Control and Transport allows for best in class performance, power and cost, Large scale SoC integration allows for simpler programming models and easier load balancing, Integrated, Rich I/O including backhaul & antenna interfaces provides flexibility, interoperability and reduces overall system cost and aslo includes intelligent integration benefits. E6500 and sc3900 clusters and cores. The Instruction set definition is based on deep analysis of base band requirements and MAPLETM offloaded functionality, Powerful application specific instructions are introduced in SC3900 (patents pending) few examples like Maximum/Peak search, FFT/DFT highly optimized kernel, Bit manipulation, Reciprocal, Filter and correlation. CPC, Clustering, SOC Interconnect, Core net overview. DMAs,CPRI, MAPLE-B3 and DPAA.

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