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Semiconductor Market Detailed Data & Reports

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Reports that cover chip-making equipment market trends in dollars for Microlithography, CMP – Chemical-Mechanical-Processing, Ion Implant, Deposition, Etch, Clean, Process-Diagnostics, Inspection, Metrology, and Specialty Manufacturing Equipment, ATE, Material Handing, Assembly, Packaging, WFE and Test. Multi-year forecasts and histories are covered for each segment.

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Complete set WFE History and Forecast

includes all the above tables on Wafer Fab Equipment Markets.

Complete set Test History and Forecasts

includes all the above tables on ATE material handing.

Equipment Summary

History and forecast for the major segments of the semiconductor equipment
market,including Microlithography, CMP – Chemical-Mechanical-Processing,
Ion Implant, Deposition, Etch, Clean, Process-Diagnostics, Inspection, Metrology,
ATE, Material Handing, Assembly Inspection, Dicing, Bonding Packaging,
Integrated Assembly Systems, as well as revenues for Service and Support.

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Equipment Markets covered: both Advanced Packaging and Traditional markets. The Advanced Packaging data covers: Microlithography packaging equipment markets, such as Tracks, Steppers, and Contact Aligners. Deposition packaging equipment markets, such as CVD, PVD, and ECP (Copper Plating). Also covered are Etch, Clean, and packaging Inspection.

Traditional markets provided a history and forecast of Assembly Inspection,
Wafer and Die Inspection Equipment,
3D Wafer Inspection Systems,
2D Wafer Inspection Systems,
Bonding Inspection Equipment,
Package Inspection Equipment,
Area Array Lead Scanners,
Other Package Lead Scanners,
Other Assembly Inspection,
Dicing Equipment,
Sawing Equipment,
Scribing Equipment,
Dicing Accessories,
Breaking Equipment,
Mounting Equipment,
Backside Grinding Equipment,
Bonding Equipment,
Die Bonding Equipment,
Wire Bonding Equipment,
Manual Wire Bonders,
Automatic Wire Bonders
Automatic Ball Bonders
Automatic Wedge Bonders,
Advanced Interconnect tools,
Flip Chip Equipment,
Wafer Bumping Equipment,
Flip-Chip Bonders,
Underfill Equipment,
Miscellaneous Flip-Chip Equipment,
BGA Ball Attach Equipment,
Miscellaneous Bonders,
Packaging Equipment,
Molding & Sealing Equipment,
Heaters, Ovens & Belt Furnaces,
Lead Finishing & Marking Systems,
Lead Trimming & Forming Systems,
Solder Plating Systems,
Misc. Finishing,
Singulation Systems,
Transfer Tools,
Integrated Assembly Systems

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Process Equipment for Advanced Packaging

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Equipment markets covered: Contact and Proximity Aligners, Scanning
Projection Aligners, Imprint Lithography (NIL), Stepping & Scanning Aligners,
H/G Line Steppers, i Line Steppers, DUV Scanners, 248 nm Scanners,
193 nm dry and immersion scanners, EUV, E-Beam Direct Exposure Systems,
E-Beam Mask Exposure, Laser Beam Mask Exposure, and Resist
Processing Equipment or ‘Track.’ Also includes lithography equipment
revenues by segment, including IC, TFHs, MEMs, Packaging, HB-LED,
and miscellaneous.

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CMP & Ion Implant

Equipment markets covered: Chemical-Mechanical-Processing tools, Low to Intermediate Current Ion Implanters, High Current Ion Implanters, High Voltage Ion Implantion, and Ultra High Dose Doping Systems.

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Equipment markets covered: APCVD, Plasma/PECVD, Metal LPCVD, and Gate Formation LPCVD. HT or High Temperature CVD includes equipment depositing Blanket Epi, Stain and Transistor Engineering, and other epitaxy layers. PVD equipment, RTP (including conventional and millisecond systems), ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition), Diffusion Furnaces, Spin-on Dielectric tools, and Electro-Plating equipment. Application segments broken out: Deposition for Post Passivation – CVD, PVD, and ECP. Deposition for Compound Semiconductors such as MOCVD, MBE and PVD sub-segments. Deposition for Disk Drive Manufacturing. CVD and PVD Deposition for MEMS.

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Etch & Clean

Dry Plasma Etch Equipment markets covered: Metal Etch, Insulator Etch, Silicon Etch, Dry Stripping Tools, Ion Milling Tools, and Dry Cleaning. Wet Wafer Processing Systems includes Single Wafer, Spin & Spray Systems. Automated Batch Wet Wafer Processing Systems - Spray Batch Wet Wafer Proc Systems, Wet Benches / Dip-and-Dunk, Reticle Cleaning Systems, and Other Wet Processing Systems

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Process Diagnostics

Equipment markets covered include:

Film & Wafer Measuring Instruments: FTIR, Film Thickness Instruments,
Ellipsometers, Opto-acoustic Instruments, Wafer Flatness Instruments.
Traditional Surface Profiling Instruments, Atomic Force Microscopes.
Wafer Measuring Instruments, X-ray Metrology,Misc. Metrology Tools
and Electrical Instruments.

CD Measuring Tools segment covers Optical CD Measurement CD SEMs,
Overlay Measurement Tools,and Misc. CD Measuring Tools.

Defect Inspection Tools: Micro-Brightfield Inspection, Macro-Brightfield Inspection,
Patterned Darkfield Inspection, Un-patterned Darkfield Inspection, E-Beam
Defect Inspection Tools: Micro-Brightfield Inspection, Macro-Brightfield
Inspection, Patterned Darkfield Inspection, Un-patterned Darkfield
Inspection, E-Beam Defect Inspection, Manual Defect Review Stations,
Automated SEM Review Stations, and Automated Hybrid Review Stations.

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Specialty or Other Wafer Fab

Equipment Markets covered:

Wafer Manufacturing Equipment for Crystal Growing, Crystal Machining,
Wafer Bonders and Aligners, and Bevel Polishing.

Automated Handling Systems: Wafer Handling Systems, Wafer Transport
Systems, Overhead Wafer Transport Systems , AGVs, Wafer Transfer
Systems, Wafer Stockers, Reticle Handling Systems, Reticle Transport
Systems, Overhead Reticle Transport Systems, and Other Reticle
Transport Systems, Reticle Stockers, and Wafer Marking Systems

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Semiconductor Test Equipment Markets covered: Memory IC Test Systems by Memory Type broken out into sort and final test. Includes data for DRAM Memory IC Test Systems (both Conventional High Speed DRAM Memory Testers). Flash Memory IC Test Systems: NAND Flash Memory Testers and NOR Flash Memory Testers.

Linear and Discrete Test System markets covered: Traditional Linear
Test Systems Discrete semiconductor testers.

Systems-on-a-Chip Test System market data are broken out into SOC
Test by Application: SOC Testers for Computing; SOC Testers for
Micro Processors; SOC Testers for Graphics Processors; SOC
Testers for Other Computing Devices; SOC Testers for Communications;
SOC Testers for Wired Communications; SOC Testers for Wireless
Communications; SOC Testers for Consumer; SOC Testers for Automotive;
SOC Testers for Specialty Semiconductor Systems

The Burn-In System market data is included with Design Diagnostics market for
semiconductor Circuit Probers and Modification Tools

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Material Handling

Equipment Markets covered: Wafer Probers with data for Automatic Wafer Probers broken into Semi-Automatic and Fully-Automatic Wafer Probers, as well as Manual Wafer Probers.

Package Handling Equipment covers market sizing history and forecast
for Gravity Feed Handlers; Pick and Place Handlers; Test in Strip
L/F Handlers; Misc. Handlers by Feed Mechanism

Laser Repair Stations includes market data for IC Trim and IC Repair.

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