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    Challenges and Options for The Semiconductor Industry

      Paolo Gargini
     Aug 15, 2014

    Challenges and Options for the Semiconductor Industry in the 21st, 2013 Semi Japan P.Gargini From Geometrical to Equivalent Scaling, The First Decade, Challenges Ahead, Opportunities Outlook, Conclusions. The Incredible Shrinking Silicon Technology of the 90. Participation extended to: EECA, EIAJ, KSIA, TSIA at WSC on April 23,1998, 1st Meeting held on July 10/11,1998 in San Francisco 2nd meeting held on December 10/11,1998 at SFO, 50% of tables in 1997 NTRS required some changes 1998 ITRS Update posted on web in April 1999. The Ideal MOS Transistor. From Geometrical to Equivalent Scaling, The First Decade, The Second Decade, The Second Decade, Challenges Ahead Opportunities, Outlook. Mobility Innovation, Hole Mobility as a Function of Vertical Effective Field, Strained Silicon, High, K/Metal Gate, Multi, gate, Higher Performance, Transistor Innovations Enable Technology Cadence. Picking the Right High –μ Material. More symmetric and higher carrier mobilities Highest hole mobility, Easier integration on Si, Lower temperature processing. Device and architecture outlook for beyond cmos switches.

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