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    More than Moore Module:

    - 200mm WFE market shares V20.06

    VLSI is pleased to release the first official version of the 200mm WFE market shares. It is part of the new Semiconductor Market Research Services module, More than Moore. As its name indicates. the objective of this new module is to cover More than Moore semiconductor manufacturing markets. Currently, the More than Moore module covers over 70 200 WFE suppliers in Lithography, CMP, Ion Implant, Deposition, Etch, Clean, and Process Control.

    Total 200mm Wafer Fab equipment sales were $3.6B in 2019, declining 5% from 2018. The top three suppliers -- Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron, and ASML -- had growth in their 2019 200mm WFE business.

    Top 200mm WFE Suppliers

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