Capital Expenditures are expected to decline due to economic fallout from COVID-19 Pandemic

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    VLSIResearch has downgraded the 2020 CapEx forecast due to the economic fallout from the COVID-19 Pandemic. We now expect CapEx to decline in mid-single digits compared to the previous forecast of +1%. Advanced Logic & Foundry will remain the brightest spot for yet another year with spending nearly flat as chipmakers ramp 5nm and prepare for 3nm deployment. Memory spending is expected to decline again in 2020, but at a slower rate compared to the previous year, as demand catches up with supply. CapEx for Discrete, Analog, and Other is expected to drop by double digits due to the broad exposure to industrial, automotive, and consumer segments where the impact of COVID-19 has been substantial.

    - CapEx Distribution V20.04