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    More Than Moore Equipment Sales Will Soar 40% in 2021

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    More than Moore Module:

           - 200mm & 300mm Microlithography V21.06

           - 200mm & 300mm CMP & Ion Implant V21.06

           - 200mm & 300mm Process Diagnostics V21.06

           - 200mm & 300mm Deposition V21.06

           - 200mm & 300mm Etch & Clean V21.06

           - 200mm & 300mm Other Wafer Fab Equipment V21.06

           - 200mm & 300mm Forecast V21.06

    Equipment Database Module:

           - Regional Equipment Consumption V21.07

    The semiconductor shortage has been particularly hard on the trailing-edge side of the market in 2021. This is driving significant demand for More than Moore Wafer Fab Equipment (WFE). Sales of More than Moore WFE are expected to soar 40% in 2021, outpacing the growth of the overall market. Etch will be the leading segment in WFE, with sales soaring 47%, followed by Deposition and Lithography.

    More Than Moore Equipment Sales Will Soar 40% in 2021

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