Sales of Test and Burn-In Sockets for Semiconductor Test Grew 9% in 2020 Reaching a Value of $1.4BN

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         - Test and Burn-in Socket Report      21.04

    Suppliers of test and burn-in sockets experienced strong demand throughout 2020 and managed to grow 9% despite operational restrictions due to the pandemic. 2020 was the fifth straight year of growth for test sockets, with sales breaking through the $1Bn barrier for the first time. Suppliers of burn-in sockets also had a good year, and sales recovered to $410M. Sales of both test sockets and burn-in sockets continue to run at record quarterly levels as 2021 gets underway and the outlook is for a year of double-digit growth.

    Sales of test and burn-in sockets for semiconductor test grew 9% in 2020 reaching a value of $1.4Bn

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