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    Semiconductor CapEx Is on Track to Surge 33% This Year

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    Semiconductor CapEx is getting a huge boost this year as chipmakers race to add capacity to rectify the constraints on the supply chain. Advanced Logic & Foundry will surge 45% to a whopping $78B. These segments will account for nearly 54% of spending in 2021, driven by huge increases from TSMC, Samsung, SMIC, and UMC. Memory spending has been more disciplined this cycle and is expected to increase 17% this year. DRAM is on track to grow 22% this year after being flat last year. Non-Volatile Memory will jump 12% in 2021 following big increases the previous year. Discrete, Analog, and Other will surge 46% after two years of declines. Regionally, Korea will be the top spender, followed by U.S. and Taiwan.

    Semiconductor CapEx is on track to surge 33% this year

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