Semiconductor Forecast has been upgraded to positive territory for 2020 while CapEx is expected to decline

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    Semiconductor sales are on track to increase by high-single-digits in 1H20 compared to a year ago. This is an impressive performance amid a global pandemic, which has taken a toll on the economic activity and disrupted many parts of the electronics supply chain. Much of the gains in 1H20 have been driven by higher ASPs, which are expected to jump by mid-single-digits from a year ago. Meanwhile, unit volumes in 1H20 are expected to increase slightly from a year ago.

    Despite the ongoing uncertainty heading into 2H20, we expect the semiconductor market to finish the year in positive territory, increasing 2% in 2020. This is a significant upgrade from our previous forecast of -4%.

    Capital Spending has held up strong in 1H20, we only expect a low-single-digit decline in 2020.

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