The Semiconductor Market Is Expected to Surge 20% in 2021 While Capex Is Expected to Rocket Nearly 31%

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    Semiconductor sales are expected to increase 20% in 2021 driven by the 5G proliferation, continued buildout of IT infrastructure, and ongoing economic recovery. Capacity shortages are also giving IC ASPs a nice boost in 2021, which is driving sales growth higher. Memory will lead the way with sales surging nearly 22% in 2021 as the recovery there gains more traction. Logic sales are expected to increase 18% this year thanks to the 5G ramp and the ongoing expansion in the Cloud. The rapid recovery in Auto and Industrial will boost growth in Analog, Discrete, & Opto nearly 20% in 2021.

    The semiconductor market is expected to surge 20% in 2021 while CapEx is expected to rocket nearly 31%

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