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    The Semiconductor Market Is on Track to Increase 24% in 2021

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    Semiconductor sales are expected to increase 24% in 2021 driven by the 5G proliferation, continued buildout of IT infrastructure, and ongoing economic recovery. Capacity shortages are giving IC ASPs a significant boost in 2021, which is driving sales growth higher. Memory will lead the way with sales surging nearly 33% in 2021 as the recovery there gains more traction. Logic sales are expected to increase 22% this year thanks to the 5G ramp and the ongoing expansion in the Cloud. The rapid recovery in Auto and Industrial will boost growth in Analog and Discrete more than 25% in 2021.

    Soaring demand and capacity shortages are driving capital spending higher as chipmakers race to add capacity to rectify the constraints on the supply chain. Capex is on track to surge 34% in 2021 and is expected to increase 16% in 2022.

    The semiconductor market is on track to increase 24% in 2021

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