Semiconductor recovery will stall in 1H20 from the COVID-19 pandemic, but growth is expected to resume in 2H20

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    The semiconductor industry began to climb out of the bottom in the second half of 2019, building up a nice momentum to start the New Year amid improving market fundamentals. However, the momentum stalled in February due to the CONVID-19 spread in China. The virus has since spread across the globe and become a pandemic, taking a big toll on the global economy and the electronics supply chain. Several electronics companies have warned their sales in Q1 will come in lower than projected due to supply chain disruptions and sluggish demand. While the disruption from the outbreak will likely have a meaningful short-term impact on the global economy, electronics, and semiconductors, we expect the situation to improve in 2H20 driven by pent-up demand, inventory restocking, and accommodative monetary and fiscal policy.

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