Worldwide silicon demand is expected to decline for the second consecutive year this time by 5%

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    The semiconductor market started the year strong in 2020 following a steep decline in the 1H19. However, the momentum came apart in February as the COVID-19 hit China. The virus had a significant impact on demand and the supply chain in China as the country went into a lockdown to prevent the spread. Since then the COVID-19 has continued to spread rapidly around the world, crippling many sectors of the economy along the way. So far, the pandemic has not had a huge impact on silicon demand due to the long lead times of wafer manufacturing. However, the prospects in Q2 and Q3 are deteriorating due to falling demand and supply disruption along the electronics food chain. On the positive, the response to the pandemic has been unprecedented in terms of speed and scale with governments and central banks around the world unleashing trillions of dollars in stimulus to keep the global economy from crashing.

    - Silicon Demand V20.04