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    Silicon Demand Is Expected to Increase 18% in 2021 While Worldwide OEM Electronics Sales Are on Track to Jump 17%

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    Silicon demand is expected to increase 18% in 2021 with all major segments increasing by double-digits. Looking ahead, VLSIresearch expects continuing growth in 2022 as the industry expands on the back of the 5G ramp, AI proliferation, and the growing data economy.

    Worldwide electronics sales are expected to surge 17% this year after growing 2% last year. Personal tools will surge 16%, with PCs getting the biggest boost of 17%. IT Infrastructure is expected to surge 16%. Wireless and Wired infrastructure will grow the fastest, both at 19%, as operators have been ramping up major infrastructure upgrades for 5G. Automotive sales are projected to soar 23% after plunging 8% last year as consumers held out on upgrading due to COVID-19.

    Silicon demand is expected to increase 18% in 2021 while Worldwide OEM Electronics sales are on track to jump 17%

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