Worldwide Electronics Sales Are Expected to Jump 7% in 2021

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    Worldwide electronics sales are expected to jump 7% in 2021 after growing 2% last year. The COVID-19 pandemic put a lot of pressure on the supply chain, however end-demand turned out much stronger than we originally anticipated thanks to the rise of e-commerce and Work-at-Home-Economy. The world GDP (in terms of purchasing power parity) is expected to jump nearly 8% after tumbling 3% in 2020. This improvement will give the electronics industry another boost in 2021.

    Personal tools will increase nearly 6%, with audio and video getting the biggest boost. IT Infrastructure is expected to grow 7%. Within IT Infrustructure, storage will return to growth this year, driven by the need to store the vast amounts of data being generated by smartphones and IoT devices. Automotive sales are projected to surge after plunging last year as the world economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown.

    Worldwide electronics sales are expected to jump 7% in 2021

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