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    Worldwide OEM Electronics Sales Are Expected to Soar 16% This Year

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    Worldwide OEM electronics sales are expected to soar 16% this year. The world GDP (in terms of purchasing power parity) is expected to jump nearly 8%. Given the strong correlation between worldwide GDP and electronics, this boost should come as no surprise. Personal tools will surge 16%, with cellular handsets getting the biggest increase. IT Infrastructure is expected to jump 13%. Peripherals will grow the fastest, getting a huge boost from the Work-at-Home-Economy. Automotive sales are projected to rocket 21% in 2021 as shortages continue to weigh on the automotive industry. Advancements in safety features, rising levels of autonomy, infotainment systems, coupled with an increasing share of electric vehicles, will drive a steady rise in electronics content, driving sales higher in the coming years.

    Worldwide OEM electronics sales are expected to soar 16% this year

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