Worldwide Silicon Demand Is Expected to Soar 15% in 2021; OEM Electronics Production on Track to Increase 10% in 2021, the First Double-Digit Increase Since 2010

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    The pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of the economy and is creating sustained demand for semiconductors. That, coupled with an improving macro backdrop, has led to a significant increase in semiconductor demand in 2021. The spike in demand has resulted in shortages in many semiconductor segments. Chipmakers are adding more capacity to meet demand; however, shortages are not expected to abate until the second half of the year. Silicon demand is expected to increase 15% in 2021 with all major segments increasing by double digits.

    Worldwide electronics sales are expected to surge 10% this year after growing 2% last year. The world GDP (in terms of purchasing power parity) is expected to jump nearly 8% after tumbling 2% in 2020. Given the strong correlation between worldwide GDP and electronics, this boost should come as no surprise.

    	Worldwide silicon demand is expected to soar 15% in 2021; OEM electronics production on track to increase 10% in 2021, the first double-digit increase since 2010

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