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    Chip Warriors bonus videos available on YouTube, including rare footage of 50th anniversary Fairchild planar IC event with Gordon Moore and Jay Last

    December 1, 2020 -- Bonus video material not seen in public before has been published on The Chip Warriors' YouTube channel.

    The video clips are an adjunct to The Chip Warriors podcast series which celebrates America's semiconductor pioneers.

    The bonus material includes clips from semiconductor company founders Lionel Kattner (Signetics), Brad Mattson (Novellus/Mattson Tech), Ken Levy (KLA), as well as inventor Burton Wheeler (David W Mann Co/GCA) and industry veterans Jim Bagley (TI/Applied/Lam), Richard Elkus Jr (Prometrix, KLA), Papken der Torossian (SVG) and Scott Kulicke (K&S).

    Also included is video from the IC@50 ceremony held May 8, 2009 at the original Fairchild Semiconductor building, 844 East Charleston Road, Palo Alto, California. The event, to unveil an IEEE plaque commemorating the 50th anniversary of the planar process and Fairchild IC, features guest speakers Gordon Moore and Jay Last (co-founders of Fairchild Semiconductor), with introductions by Brian Halla (National Semiconductor) and Dick Ahrons (IEEE).

    The Chip Warriors podcast series, written and produced by Craig Addison, is based on interviews he conducted between 2004 and 2008 for the SEMI oral history project. The interviews were used under license from SEMI, which is not affiliated with the project.

    While 13 out of the more than 40 videotaped SEMI history interviews were edited for public release on the Stanford University Silicon Genesis oral history website, the bonus clips on The Chip Warriors' YouTube channel have not been seen in public before.

    In the clips, Richard Elkus Jr explains why Tencor merged with Prometrix before it merged with KLA in 1997 while Jim Bagley recounts the days at TI when latex gloves were considered a breakthrough in wafer fab cleanliness.

    In the IC@50 video footage, Gordon Moore and Jay Last tell stories from the early days when Fairchild was developing processes for the IC, including how planar process inventor Jean Hoerni often blew up diffusion furnaces trying to find the right recipes, and less technical pursuits such as chasing jackrabbits out of the ladies room.

    The Chip Warriors is available from major podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, Google etc), as well as on the hosting platform Podbean:

    The Chip Warriors YouTube channel link:

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    Craig Addison

    Summary list of the bonus video material:


    Gordon Moore and Jay Last

    Ceremony to mark 50 years of the planar process and Fairchild IC (1959-2009).

    Worldwide Assault

    Kenneth Levy, co-founder, KLA Instruments

    How the threat from Japan in the early '80s united opposing forces at home.

    A Secret Meeting

    Richard Elkus Jr, CEO, Prometrix

    Why Tencor merged with Prometrix before the bigger merger with KLA in 1997.

    Spin Off

    Lionel Kattner, co-founder, Signetics

    How four disgruntled Fairchild engineers launched one of the valley's first chip start-ups

    The Dirty Dozen

    Brad Mattson, founder, Novellus Systems & Mattson Technology

    A serial entrepreneur reflects on the impact his start-ups had

    Particle Problems

    James W. (Jim) Bagley

    An industry veteran recounts the early days at TI before "clean rooms" were a thing

    To the Rescue

    Burton Wheeler*, general manager, David W Mann Co

    The time Philips needed help fixing a broken photo repeater

    (*Mr Wheeler passed away in May 2007)

    Stepping Up

    Papken der Torossian, CEO, Silicon Valley Group

    Why a small California company made a risky bet on lithography

    Making Machines

    C. Scott Kulicke, Kulicke and Soffa Industries CEO (1979-2010)

    How founders Fred Kulicke and Al Soffa backed into the chip equipment business

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