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    CMOS technology beyond 22nm Where can silicon take us

      Kelin J. Kuhn
     Sep 8, 2010

    CMOS technology beyond 22nm: Where can silicon take us, Future Challenges in Device Scaling, AGENDA, Scaling history, Gate control, Resistance, Capacitance, Mobility, MOSFET Scaling, 90 nm Strained Silicon Transistors, 45nm High-k + Metal Gate Transistors, Changes in Scaling, MOSFET Challenges, High-k Metal Gate, MOSFET Challenges, Ultra-thin body with RSD, Ultra-thin body with RSD, Nanowire, Nanowire with RSD, Ultra-thin body with RSD, Hisamoto – Hitachi, Nanowire, Nanowire FETs.

    Important Tags: CMOS technology, Scaling history, Gate control, MOSFET Challenges
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    Category: Semiconductors

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