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    Comparison of High Precision Profilometry to Lateral Shearing Interferometry Collected from High NA Aspheric Surfaces with Materials from SIC, Aluminum, ULE and Zerodur

     Dec 27, 2014

    Silicon Carbide F2 Parabolic Primary- Side by side comparison of Ronchi shearing test and interferometric testing. Confocal Microscope Objective: Parabolic mirror with NA = 0.998 used for high resolution confocal microscopy. Manufacturing processes to produce high numerical aperture aspheric optics have always been dependent on the use of specialized surface measurement techniques. These techniques can produce high-precision wavefront analysis to provide requisite surface figure control to validate functionality and performance. In this paper we provide data that present the interfacing of these different approaches to produce usable and interpretable information to guide computer controlled precision grinding and final ductile finishing of both free form and centric forms of aspheric surfaces. Both contact profilometry and rough surface grating interferometry are demonstrated. Interpretation and analysis of the surface topography is presented. The importance of having in-situ measurements to guide surface removal functions is discussed.

    Important Tags: High Precision Profilometry, NA Aspheric Surfaces
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