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    Crocus MRAM Technology

      Lj. Ristic
     Mar 21, 2015

    Corporate Profile- Technology: Magnetic Logic Unit (MLUTM), > 150 patents, > Memory blocks, Logic, Analog. R&D Partners: IBM JDA – Yorktown, CEA - Grenoble. Product Focus : Smartcards/Secure MCU, Technology licensing/NRE, High value MRAM & Sensors. Manufacturing Partners: Crocus Nano Electronics, Tower Jazz, SMIC. Investors: $170M cash raised, Committed Syndicate. Strong team: 60 Employees, 200 Associated Employees. MLU Endurance- Measurement of RLOW and RHIGH over 100B cycles. Non-Volatile RAM: BBSRAM is an SRAM memory that is backed up with a battery to preserve data in the event of a power failure. SATA/PCIe SoC Controller- nvSRAM currently is not on the controller chip, Next Gen Controllers will include scratchpad. Magnetic Strip Reading Capabilities- Application: POS/ATS: Magnetic Strip Reading Demo Board. MLU Technology: Value proposition- Tamper resistant (Security) High temperature (180o – 240o), Magnetic sensors, Stability & Performance- Low power & rugged, Fast read/programing. Cost Structure- Based on basic CMOS, 2 additional photo-steps.

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