30 Years of Semiconductor Equipment Suppliers Customer Satisfaction

    VLSIresearch celebrates companies with strong customer satisfaction over 30 years

    Since the inception of VLSIresearch’s 10 BEST Customer Satisfaction Rankings 30 years ago, only two companies, Advantest and Teradyne, have appeared in all 30 years.  This is a result of their exceptional long-term focus on delivering to the benefit of customers.  The business excellence of Advantest and Teradyne has outrun all ATE competitors, as in the early years of the survey ATE comprised more than 30 companies.

    Similarly, Applied Materials, Hitachi High Technologies, and Tokyo Electron have 25 appearances each.  These companies have shown consistent results over time and are still recognized for exceptional customer satisfaction among the toughest customers in the world.

    At the start of the 10 BEST in 1988, ASML was just a small start-up in the Netherlands working with a very small number of customers.  ASML has appeared 22 times consecutively in VLSI’s 10 BEST and during this time has become an undisputed leader in lithography.  The survey data shows that ASML customer satisfaction improvements have preceded its market share gains.

    Hitachi Kokusai, KLA-Tencor, and Plasma-Therm are all leaders in their segments.  One of the key foundations for each company’s success has been delivering great products with world-class customer satisfaction Over 20 appearances in VLSI’s 10 BEST is great proof of this.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey and 10 BEST Rankings started in 1988, evolving from custom studies for individual semiconductor equipment companies seeking an independent gauge of how customers perceived them. It was an era where quality standards were being elevated by Japan. Suppliers needed an independent and standardized measure of customer satisfaction to demonstrate how good they really were. Chip makers wanted a public measure that would encourage a higher standard excellence in the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain. VLSIresearch’s Customer Satisfaction Survey’s 10 BEST rating would become this standard.  Accolades to the respondents and companies that have supported this unique industry survey.  All years of the survey can be reviewed here.

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