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    ASM Pacific Technology wins fourth triple crown

      Risto Puhakka
     Jul 9, 2020

    ASM Pacific Technology, the world leader in the supply of semiconductor assembly and packaging equipment, receives 4½ VLSI Stars. Improves score by 13 basis points to an outstanding 8.92. Receives RANKED 1st in Assembly Equipment for fourth year in a row. ASMPT is the broadest solution provider in semiconductor packaging with high levels of partnering with customers. Customers honor ASM Pacific Technology with an average rating of 9.1 in supplier performance. Improves ratings in 9 categories, technical leadership, commitment, application support, and field engineering support by 30 basis points. Spares support, support after sales, and product performance by 20 basis points. Recommend supplier and trust in supplier by 10 basis points. Highest scores in field engineering support, partnering, and support after sales. 70% of customers provided feedback for ASM Pacific Technology, majority of customer comments came from China, Korea, and Rest of the World. 58% commented on ASM Pacific Technology’s outstanding service and support, specifically Rest of the World making up 36% of these comments. 16% of customers commented on the great stability and partnership ASM Pacific provides. Receives majority of surveys from China and Rest of the World. ASM Pacific Technology’s highest ratings are from Korea and China, Korea average rating of 9.51 and China average rating of 9.05. ASM Pacific Technology increases its average rating in Rest of the World and Korea, Rest of the World by 83 basis points and Korea by 28 basis points. Total customer satisfaction is a priority. High levels of R&D investment for customer benefit. Focus on customer value creation through rapid technology innovation.

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