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    2012 was the first time
    EV Group (EVG), a wafer bonding and lithography equipment supplier, captured a top five spot in VLSIresearch's 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey. This was a significant accomplishment because EVG has been growing by leaps and bounds with a combination of excellent products and the fast-growing MEMS and 3D IC semiconductor markets. EVG grew not only in revenues, but they also doubled their production capacity.

    Normally, rapid growth puts tremendous strain on a customer support organization. It's hard enough just to keep up, yet the results represented EV Group's best showing to date in VLSI's annual surveys. Moreover, EVG improved more than any other supplier in their area of expertise in 2012.

    EV Group's successful execution of their expansion came because the company focused its efforts on adding both production capacity and services. Proof that they were able to successfully train and deploy an expanded support organization came in field engineering support customer ratings that improved by 23%. EVG also scored a 20% improvement in spares support and scored its highest rating of 8.6 in trust in supplier. Additional high ratings for the company were earned in partnering, commitment, and technical leadership.

    EV Group's success in customer satisfaction is due in no small part to its ability to rapidly innovate new products. It introduced six new products in 2011 and four more so far in 2012. While many were complaining about 450mm customer demands, EVG simply did it, enabling SEMATECH to print 450mm wafers with patterned 35nm dimensions. EV Group is able to serve such emergent customer needs, because unlike most semiconductor equipment companies, they are vertically integrated to a high degree. With their own machine shop, they can turn out individual components like a Formula 1 racing team makes modifications for each race. Having this level of capability means you can develop new tools at a very fast pace.

    The company's business process for systematically accomplishing this is what they call their "Triple i" mission statement. It stands for invent - innovate - implement. When it comes to invention, they push themselves to think outside the box. On innovation, the focus is not only on new technologies, but fast learning cycles to achieve the shortest time to small-scale production. Then implementation is about system designs that are architected for cost efficiency and the proper scale. They are renowned for their low-cost solutions to high-wall technology problems.

    One might think having their own machine shop is expensive and would lead to high priced tools. Not so in EV Group's case. They ranked in the 85th percentile against THE BEST equipment supplier and in the 93rd percentile against their best peers. So, high tough, high responsiveness, and low cost ... is it any wonder their customers rewarded them with high ratings?

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    About EV Group (EVG)

    EV Group (EVG) is a leading supplier of equipment and process solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), compound semiconductors, power devices and nanotechnology devices. Key products include wafer bonding, thin-wafer processing, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and metrology equipment, as well as photoresist coaters, cleaners and inspection systems. Founded in 1980, EV Group services and supports an elaborate network of global customers and partners all over the world. More information about EVG is available at

    About the 2012 Customer Satisfaction Survey

    VLSIresearch received feedback from more than 99% of the chip market for this year's survey. The survey spans two and half months and covers five languages. Worldwide participants were asked to rate equipment suppliers among fifteen categories based on three key factors: supplier performance, customer service, and product performance. 2,102 surveys were returned, resulting in 49,480 total responses.

    The VLSIresearch annual Customer Satisfaction Survey on Chip Making Equipment is the only publicly available opportunity for chip manufacturers to provide feedback on their suppliers since 1988. The 10 BEST, THE BEST, and RANKED 1st awards provide special recognition to the suppliers that are rated highest by their customers. For more details on the survey, click here.

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