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    Kokusai Electric triple crown win

    Kokusai Electric Secures A Triple Crown Win

      Risto Puhakka
     Jun 25, 2020

    Customers award KOKUSAI ELECTRIC with 4 VLSI Stars in 10 BEST Large Suppliers, increases 60 basis points to 8.35. 89% of customers said they will return to KOKUSAI ELECTRIC for their equipment needs, 7% improvement from last year. Receives RANKED 1st award in Deposition Equipment. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s strong customer satisfaction is based on its world-class thin-film deposition technology. Improves ratings in 12 rating categories: recommend supplier and quality of results by 100 basis points. Application support and support after sales by 90 basis points. Partnering and uptime by 80 basis points. Achieves highest score of all THE BEST WFE to Foundation Chip Makers in uptime. Highest scores in support after sales, recommend supplier, partnering, product performance, quality of results, and uptime. Received majority of surveys from Taiwan. Increases its average rating in North America, Rest of the World, and Taiwan, North America by 176 basis points, Rest of the World by 167 basis points, and Taiwan by 10 basis points. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC received 28% customer feedback. 25% of customers who commented complimented KOKUSAI ELECTRIC for their awesome customer service. KOKUSAI ELECTRIC earns 4 VLSI Stars in THE BEST Suppliers for both Fab Equipment and WFE to Specialty Chip Makers. Earns 4½ VLSI Stars in THE BEST WFE to Foundation Chip Makers improving ratings in spares support, overall value, and software by 10 basis points. Customers highly appreciated KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s great partnering, customer service, and equipment quality. Customer-first principle drives all decisions at KOKUSAI ELECTRIC. Supporting customers through all phases of the equipment lifecycle. The key to KOKUSAI ELECTRIC’s customer satisfaction is on-going customer dialogue to engage with core thin-film technologies to solve problems jointly.

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