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    Technoprobe top probe card supplier

    Technoprobe prevails as top probe card supplier for semiconductor industry

      Risto Puhakka
     Jun 18, 2020

    Technoprobe, a world leader in advanced probing solutions, earns RANKED 1st Test Subsystems Supplier for a third year. Customers honor Technoprobe with 5 VLSI Stars. Technoprobe is the fastest growing large probe card supplier focused on customer satisfaction. Technoprobe excels in all areas with a rating of 9.6 and greater in all 12 categories. Their success is driven by quality, innovation, and people. Exceptional customer satisfaction shows customer appreciation. Increases Field Engineering Support rating by 10 basis points to a phenomenal 9.9. Earns average rating of 9.7 across the categories in Customer Service. Highest scores are field engineering support, application support, recommend supplier, and technical leadership. 65% of customers provided feedback for Technoprobe, all survey responses came from North America, Europe, and Rest of the World. 45% of customers who commented (9 survey responses) admired Technoprobe’s great support, specifically Rest of the World making up 67% of these comments. 25% of customers (5 survey responses) commented on high quality of products.Receives highest score of all THE BEST Test Subsystem Suppliers in all 12 categories, earning their highest ratings in field engineering support and application support. Five-star customer satisfaction is embedded in high quality. Technoprobe’s customers show high levels of support and trust with growing market share. Customer satisfaction and quality are at the center of Technoprobe's operations. Innovation to support customer’s future technologies.

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