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    Teradyne Five star ATE Company 2020

    Teradyne outstanding five-star ATE Company

      Risto Puhakka
     Jun 11, 2020

    Teradyne, a leading supplier of automatic test equipment (ATE), awarded as 10 BEST and THE BEST Supplier. Customers award Teradyne with 5 VLSI stars in 10 BEST Large Chip Making Equipment and THE BEST Test Equipment Supplier of 2020 earns their best-ever score of 9.48. Among the elite few to be honored as a 10 BEST supplier since the survey’s launch 32 years ago. Teradyne is an exceptional five-star supplier of products to test semiconductors and automate manufacturing processes. Focus on testing and helping to build the world’s most innovative products with industry-leading customer satisfaction. Improves ratings in 6 rating categories by 10 basis points. Earns highest score of all 10 BEST Large Chip Making Equipment Suppliers and THE BEST Test Equipment Suppliers in 4 categories. Highest scores in recommend supplier, trust in supplier, technical leadership, partnering, support after sales, product performance, quality of results, overall value, and uptime. 44% of customers who commented (142 survey responses) communicated Teradyne’s excellent service and support, specifically 14% commented on the quality application support they receive. 14% of who commented (45 survey responses) complimented Teradyne for its great sales and hardworking team. Tool operational ease, user friendliness, and simplicity claimed 8% (25 survey responses) of comments. Majority comments came from China, Korea, and Rest of the World. Showing strong loyalty, 94% of customers said they will return to Teradyne for their equipment needs, a 1% increase from last year. Teradyne continuously increases customer satisfaction through world-class operations and products. On-going extraordinary customer trust delivered through long-term customer-centric operations. Highest-value automated test proposition in the industry. Product leadership through scalable and the best cost-of-test solutions with cost-effective automation.

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