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    Dedupe, Compression, and Pattern - Based Testing for Flash Storage

      Peter Murray Sr.
     Oct 24, 2015

    Effectively Measuring AFA Performance:Helping IT organizations optimize flash storage deployments, Product Suite-Software: LDX Enterprise, Hardware: LDX load generation appliance; Discussion Panel Points-Flash behavior is unique, AFAs have a different performance curve, A new testing methodology is required due to deduplication and compression. Measuring with Inline Data Reduction:Data content patterns-Created before testing, Data content streams-Written during testing, Repeating and non-repeating patterns-Random,Compressible, Varying pattern lengths. New Approach to Validating AFAs:4 Steps to Validate Storage Performance-Workload Characterization, Workload Modeling, Workload Emulation, Performance Analytics.

    Important Tags: Flash Behavior, Flash Storage, Flash Vendors, Flash Performance, Flash Testing, Pattern Based Flash Testing
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