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    Direct Visualization of the Impacts of EUV Mask Roughness

      Patrick Naulleau, Suchit Bhattaria, Rick Chao, Rene Claus, Kenneth Goldberg, Frank Goodwin, Eric Gul
     Dec 18, 2014

    Band-limited imaging and propagation transforms phase roughness to intensity speckle- 230 pm RSR, In focus, s = 0.5, Contrast = 0.9%. Multilayer speckle directly observed with EUV microscope. Demonstration 1: Measure multilayer speckle with SHARP. Source: Synchrotron, Optics: Mirrors & Zoneplate-lenses, 4×NA: 0.25–0.625, σ: Programmable, Nav: Full-mask xy, Speed: ~8 series/hr. Demonstration 2: Measure multilayer- induced LWR with Samsung SERM tool. Scanning EUV Reticle Microscope. Correlation method used to extract mask roughness in presence of noise- Total Mask- induced LWR 1.60 nm, Pattern LWR 1.48 nm, Multilayer LWR, 0.62 nm, Simulated Multlayer LWR 0.60 nm. Roughness has significant impact on inspection, Actinic characterization likely required Model verified using two different actinic microscopes, System modeling points to EUV roughness requirements close to 50 pm.

    Important Tags: Direct Visualization, EUV Mask
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    Domain: Electronics
    Category: Semiconductors

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