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    Electronics Analog/RF, Sensors and MEMS in SOI

      Denis Flandre, Valeria Kilchytska, David Bol, Laurent Francis, Nicolas André, Jean-­‐Pierre Ra
     May 4, 2016

    Frequency dependent variability: Inter-die variaility rather low: σ Gain ~ 5% in the entire f-range for bboth long and short devices; σ Gain < Δ Gain (f). Self-heating in 28 nm UTBB vs bulk: Rth in bulk lower than in FDSOI, Cth higher in bulk than in FDSOI due to larger Si volume available for generated heat, Temperature rise due to self-heating- ~32 K in bulk and ~87 K in FDSOI, In spite of stringer SH effect, FDSOI outperform bulk in terms of Analog FoM in entire frequency range, While thermal effects are stronger in FDSOI, therir influence on device parameters is limited.

    Important Tags: RF Switches, Water Vapor Sensing, Innovative Applications, RF Transistors, Solar Cells
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    Domain: Electronics
    Category: Semiconductors

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