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    Enabling Innovation for the Semiconductor Industry and Adjacent Spaces

      Brian Sapp
     Sep 30, 2015

    SUNY Poly SEMATECH Priorities:• Deliver outstanding value to our members,partners and collaborators, Accelerate the growth of statewide, leading-edge technology initiatives with global impact, While maintaining our core competencies in semiconductor, evolve SUNY Poly SEMATECH to provide value in adjacent industries that secures the long-term future of our partnerships. Research Collaboration that Benefits the Industry:A new model meeting supply chain needs-The world of R&D collaboration has fundamentally changed-There are very few places in the world with access to leading edge CMOS manufacturing that are open to truly collaborative research,There is no supplier today that can afford the leading edge manufacturing infrastructure that chip makers use today for in-house development,Given the industry consolidation it has become more difficult for supplier to directly partner with chip manufacturers without their development becoming “captive”. SUNY Poly SEMATECH enables truly collaborative research in a leading R&D facility-Access to state of the art equipment and processes,A business model that enables suppliers to develop their material, products and IP without becoming captive to a single company,Opportunity to engage in collaborative research at desired levels – from infrastructure access only to fully engaged collaborative research projects,Flexibility to grow R&D efforts at the desired pace driven by economic development and available opportunities at SUNY Poly SEMATECH.

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