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    Europe's Best Tech Companies in the Era of Globalization

      G. Dan Hutcheson
     May 5, 2016

    Late in the last century, Europe was extremely pessimistic about its future in semiconductors. They had real reasons to forecast dim scenarios: Japan was a juggernaut that looked to be unstoppable. Technology was globalizing well beyond the shores of the many European countries, where competition was well-bounded in well-understood historical and cultural norms. Yet, many European companies not only survived … they prevailed. Here is how they did it. This set of slides accompanies the video presentation in the weVISION section of the web site. To watch the video, visit: :https://www.vlsiresearch.com/how-europe-s-best-prevailed-in-the-era-of-technology-globalization-WEEL1YL6X

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