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    EUVL Regional Review

      Padraig Dunne
     Oct 23, 2014

    Dublin: UCD & DCU, UCD - Colliding plasma work for 13.5 nm , Time-resolved spectra at 6.x nm , Dilute medium & high-Z targets for 6.x nm , DPP studies at 6.x nm , Spectroscopy & source development for “Water Window” , New grant proposals in preparation........ DCU - Colliding Plasma , Pulsed Laser Deposition Studies. Zurich: ETHZ – Laboratory for Energy Conversion (LEC) . Research on droplet-based laser-produced plasma sources. Adlyte (spin-off company) commercializes technology. Prototype EUV sources for actinic metrology have been designed, developed and tested over the last years. Source brightness of 350 W/mm2sr and a EUV pulse-to-pulse stability of 3% (σ). New IF module installed and cleanliness studied after IF. Recent focus on extension of operating time, source cleanliness and new fuels. Prague: Multiple Centres of Activity , > 50 active researchers + ~20 students , Optics, sources, applications , Plasma diagnostics , Universities, Institutes + RIT Europe. Universities, Institutes + RIT EuropeHigh average power, pulsed LASErs: Project led by the Institute of Physics ASCR , Financed by the Research and Development for Innovation Operational Program (ERDF) , Research center of international importance , Applications of DPSSL in high-tech industry , Lasers with breakthrough parameters , Synergy with ELI Beamlines .

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