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    EUVL towards production insertion

      Hans Meiling
     Aug 14, 2014

    EUV status at customers: Towards production insertion, Multiple customers are qualifying EUV for insertion at the 10 nm logic node. For process development, customers typically require 100 wafers per day, increasing to 500 wafers per day on average for production qualification. We have provided customers with that process development capability. In 2016 we will provide our customers with the productivity needed for volume production. 6 NXE:3300B systems fully qualified and shipped to customers. 5 more NXE:3300B systems being integrated. 4th generation NXE system (NXE:3350B) integration ongoing. EUV cleanroom extension is under construction. Full wafer dedicated chuck overlay of <1.4nm, Layers are exposed on the same wafer on the same chuck over multiple days. Dedicated chuck overlay is a measure of the overlay performance of the system. Demonstrated overly matching NXE : 3300B to NXT: 1960 Bi EUV and Arf platforms are matched to ~ 3.5-nm overly. Source power and availability drive productivity : (1) SourcePower , High conversion efficiency of ~4% demonstrated. Advanced controller with dose margin <10% demonstrated. (2) Source Availability , Full automation with good dose control demonstrated. In-situ cleaning of collector demonstrated.

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