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    Everspin MRAM Enabled World

      Phill LoPresti
     Oct 22, 2015

    The Market Leader in Advanced MRAM Products and Solutions, Serves Large and Growing Markets, Well-Established OEM Relationships, Global, Cost Effective Operations, Strong Financial Track Record and Privately Owned by Semiconductor VCs, Focus on Quality and Reliability, Planning Mass-Proliferation through Foundry Partnership. The Everspin MRAM-enabled World: MRAM (Field-Switched)-Instantly Recoverable Transportation, Everlasting & Resilient Medical Equipment, Fault-Recoverable Industrial Automation, Secure & Reliable Smart Grid; ST-MRAM (Spin Torque)-Immediately Reliable Storage, File, & Backup Systems, Rapidly Proficient Enterprise Storage & Networks, Power Fail Safe, Write Caching for HDD and RAID, Leading the Way to $2B MRAM: Strongest Base- 5 years, 33Mu, 78% CAGR, Solutions Roadmap- 1Gb+, Modular, Embedded, Strongest Team- Experience, Success, Delivery, Strongest Team: Experience, Success, Delivery.

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