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    Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging MEMS and Sensors for IoT

      Babak Jamshidi PhD, Andy Yong, WonKyoung Choi, JaeHak Yee
     Jan 2, 2017

    Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging enables MEMS and Sensors to meet Future IoT Requirements: - IoT Systems at a glance!-IoT is a global network of connected people and devices. Sensors Market Overview: The dramatic shift in market drivers continues to unfold thru this decade. While legacy drivers i.e. automotive and industrial grow steadily, mobile, wearable, digital health and IoT will scale up the demand rapidly.

    Important Tags: IoT Systems, IoT, Wafer Level Packaging, MEMS, Sensor Market Overview
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    Domain: Electronics
    Category: Semiconductors

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