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    FD SOI: Disruptive or Just Another Process?

      G. Dan Hutcheson
     Apr 21, 2016

    VLSIresearch analyst G. Dan Hutcheson presents his results on FD SOI from a recent survey of design decision makers and influencers that was originally given at the FD SOI Symposium in San Jose. The video and original presentation and appear separately in the weVISION and presentation sections of VLSIresearch. In it, he covers why there has been a recent surge in activity around FD SOI in the fabless community. He uncovers some surprises, such as it's not about cost (as many have pitched) and that it's far more about the unique features that a depletion mode device brings to market and how it can be used as a differentiator — especially against finFET based designs. He details how they expect to design in both today's FD SOI offering IN 28nm and the new 22FDX process that's come out of GLOBALFOUNDRIES. To watch the video, visit: https://www.vlsiresearch.com/2020-semiconductor-mask-maker-s-survey-a-conversation-with-aki-fujimura-of-the-ebeam-initiative-WEEL1RTZ1

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