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    FDSOI Applications and Markets in China

      Zhongli Liu
     Apr 8, 2014

    In this electronic presentation showing the FDSOI application's business in China market and FDSOI advantages, problems and solutions, FDSOI applications, Our relative research work, SOI development opportunity in China. FDSOI is a gold technique for CMOS integrated circuits. Bulk Si scale down encounters obstacles, however FDSOI has excellent scale down feature and planar FDSOI device can compete with bulk Si FinFET. Thin BOX of FDSOI can improve SCE and FDSOI devices have better reliability. FDSOI has excellent low voltage and low power feature for applications of pocket electronic system. FDSOI has excellent resistant SEE capability for space applications. FDSOI processing and circuit design is relative simple which can enhance performance-price ratio of integrated circuits and so on. FDSOI advantages There is no neutral bulk Si under channel for FDSOI unlike PDSOI. Thus FDSOI has no Kink effect(b) of IV characteristics inherent in PDSOI. It is fit for analog and RF applications. The independent positive bulk bias of FDSOI avoids the negative bias of bulk Si series devices (A,B). The negative bias enhances threshold voltage of A so that decreases circuit speed. There is no such shortcomings for FDSOI. There is no latch-up effect because of no latch-up path with Simple isolation makes easy direct contact between p+ and n+ and it has high device density junction has no underside area, so it has small reverse leakage and it is fit for low power of circuits.

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