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    Firmware Flexibility using Intel Firmware Support Package

      Vincent Zimmer
     Oct 15, 2014

    The Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP): Intel® Firmware Support Package (Intel® FSP) components , CPU, memory controller, and chipset initialization functions as a binary package , Provides silicon initialization ingredients , Plugs into existing firmware frameworks , Integration guide, includes API documentation. Intel FSP is currently available for the many Intel® hardware-producing divisions. Intel® FSP Producer, Intel® FSP Consumer: Consumer Firmware can be bootloaders from board support packages, traditional BIOS, UEFI/PI based EDK II firmware, or other embedded software solutions. Firmware to absorb, integrate, or ‘consume’ the Intel FSP binary. Consistent consumer code in the open source Intel® Architecture firmware up streams. Enables fully open work-flow of using Intel FSP and open source IA firmware code. Intel® FSP External Interfaces: APIs published by the Intel FSP Producer and invoked by the Consumer : TempRamInit - Enables cache for using as temporary memory and code caching , FspInit - Performs the processor and companion chipset initialization , NotifyPhase - Hooks for certain phase during the platform initialization. Intel FSP Producer/binary creates the UEFI PI Hand-off Blocks (Vol 3 of the UEFI PI spec) , Contains basic platform information. Many Paths for Enabling: We’re moving into a world where it is easier to work with Intel® platforms: Open platforms, open source , Intel® Unified Binary Management System (Intel® UBMS) , Development kits, Reference boards , There is also a full open source EDK II option - See full platform sources for Intel® QuarkTM SoC, including a feature rich UEFI build.

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