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    Flash Challenges for Embedded Computing

      Thomas McCormick
     Mar 26, 2016

    Embedded Computer Systems: Diverse ecosystems, Unique requirements & challenges. Impacts of flash product dynamics- Retention. What are Embedded Systems?:- Embedded systems are highly pervasive. 2009: 10B embedded processors (EETimes) 2009: 300M PCs (Gartner). “Fixed function system” - Telecom: routers, Cars: ignition & engine control, ABS, Industrial control systems, Medical equipment. Embedded Systems Ecosystem: Diversity - Platforms (EETimes 2012)- 16 real-time operating systems, #1 in-house (13%), 18 processors (>2% market share), Host chipsets, File systems.

    Important Tags: Embedded Systems, Ecosystem, Embedded Computing, Flash Challenges, Flash Embedded Computing, NAND Dynamics
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