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    FormFactor five-star test & measurement supplier

      Risto Puhakka
     Jun 29, 2021

    FormFactor, a leading supplier of test and measurement technologies, awarded first 5 VLSI Stars in 10 BEST Focused Chip Making Equipment Suppliers. Improving score by 18 basis points to 9.09. Takes highest score of all 10 BEST Focused Chip Making Equipment Suppliers in technical leadership, product performance, quality of results, overall value, and uptime. FormFactor partners with customers to ensure success with >500 employees directly supporting their success. FormFactor Probe Card group earns 5 VLSI Stars in THE BEST Test Subsystems Suppliers with an excellent 9.16 rating. Improves ratings in product performance and overall value by 10 basis points. Earns average rating of 9.2 in both supplier performance and product performance. Highest scores: support after sales, product performance, technical leadership, trust in supplier, application support, and quality of results. Increases ratings in 9 categories in spares support by 90 basis points, software by 60 basis points, application support by 40 basis points, quality of results and overall value by 30 basis points, technical leadership, support after sales, and product performance by 20 basis points, and trust in supplier by 10 basis points. Achieves highest score of all THE BEST Test Equipment Suppliers in quality of results and software. Highest scores: quality of results, trust in supplier, and product performance. FormFactor receives comments from 78% of their respondents, a 16% increase from last year. 46% of them praised FormFactor’s outstanding service and support. 19% commented on their positive response time. Majority of these comments came from North America, Korea, and Taiwan. 16% commented on high quality products. FormFactor’s highest rating is from the region of Taiwan with an average of 9.76. Earning a 9.7 and higher in all categories. Receives majority of surveys from the regions Rest of the World and Taiwan. Increases its average rating in Rest of the World by 4 basis points. Customers award a 10.0 in technical leadership and application support from the region of Europe. FormFactor takes part in the full IC test life cycle: characterization, modeling, reliability, design de-bug, and qualification and production test. Enhance device performance and advancing yield knowledge. FormFactor joins forces with customers to help traverse the technology transitions vital to next-generation applications. Reliable partner in the semiconductor industry it focuses on customer partnership, innovation, agility, and operational excellence.

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